Why Open Matters

‘We discover ourselves through others’ – Carl Jung.

In today’s socially networked, where organizations and individuals are creating friends, fans and followers on a scale not previously experienced, Open Leadership and Organizations are required if you want to truly engage individuals so that they and you can realize your full potential.

How We Help:

Based on more than 10 years of helping hundreds of organizations build social networks and open approaches to community, communications and innovation for growth and development. we have developed a program where we:

  • Assess your current Open and Social initiatives (people, processes and technologies) so that your leadership and organization has a good understanding of where you in leverage the Open Movement (including Crowds, Social Networks and Cloud computing) and where the opportunities exist for your growth:  HOW:  We conduct a department and financial review and provide a written report.
  • Consult on how to create Open and Social organizational, technical, and strategic designs that are scalable and rewarding using today’s social media tools and cloud computing techniques to insure that customers and employees are emotionally engaged and that your technology scales cost effectively with your people’s engagement.  HOW:  We deliver training tools, open technologies and detailed plans of action to organizations and their leaders to insure your success.  
  • Measure and monitor your Open and Social progress by reviewing your organization’s progress on quarterly and yearly basis in order to insure that your organization and leaders are benefiting from today’s Open, Social Networking and Cloud based movements.  HOW:  we use today’s monitoring tools to measure your firm’s and constituents engagement in open and continuous activities.

Open Leadership helps organizations and their people (especially leaders) benefit from the Open, Social and Cloud-based movements that are now a clear part of our personal lives (public social networking and communications) and are quickly transforming businesses and government.  The result:  Improved collaboration, engagement and innovation.  Opening up your organization to others contributions (ideas, experiences, and knowledge) can help you and your team achieve its true potential – including marketing, product and service innovation, customer support, and employee training and education.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can become more open and the benefits you will realize, you can post a question below or contact us via myself at or tweet me @barrylibert.


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